As a kid, growing up in Bangalore, I was naughty and was always up to tricks. From pranks played on friends to breaking a window in school & yet, managing to get away scott free.

Fond memories of playing and roaming the then unspoilt and empty streets of Bangalore, with cousins and friends doing all the boy things like cycling, swimming, skating …. were skills, naturally picked up when one grows up in a house full of boys.

Vivacious: is the one word most people associate me with, apart from my signature loud, high pitched laugh 🙂

Another thing that was very apparent from the beginning was my sense of independence and the desire to break free from the shackles of a conservative upbringing & traditional barriers of a typical business family. I wanted to work, be independent, and take decisions about my life which wasn’t quite the norm in my family. Initial resistance gave way to reluctant support. Today, they couldn’t be more proud. My work has opened my mind and has given me an identity and a feeling of immense self worth which I wouldn’t trade for anything. As an extrovert and a very social person, it provides me with an avenue to put that urge to use for a purpose

While my responsibilities and accomplishments have transformed me into a mature, responsible & practical person, deep within I am still the child which laughs out loud at the silliest of jokes, can break into tears easily and wears her heart on her sleeves. Much like a child, my ability to handle failures & disappointments and bounce back is high.

Straightforward and frank, diplomacy is a skill I am still trying to learn.

I love & enjoy dancing and can break into a jig without any effort.
Making chocolates and fancy candles is a hobby I pursue in my spare time.

A real weakness for good food that tends to go straight to my waist, that’s one battle I am yet to win.