Mitra KhannaDIRECTOR

It was apparent from the beginning that I was a very spirited individual with an innate sense of fairness & justice. My steadfast belief in certain things which nobody could change unless I decided it was time to shed those beliefs. In short I was kind of stubborn. 100mg veilig bestellen ,binnen 1 of 2 werkdagen thuis geleverd , laagste prijs garantie , discrete verzending in blanco envelope. Kamagra 100mg 10 strippen. Waardering 4.84 op 5 gebaseerd op 1125 klantbeoordelingen.

And then there’s my adventurous spirit, obsessive love for books, nonconformist attitude, a fierce sense of responsibility and protectiveness for my loved ones.

I have a keen sense of fashion; being fashionable and well dressed has always been important to me. My aesthetic sense reflects in my love for art, culture and the finer things in life.

Travel throughout my childhood days has broadened my mind and beliefs and helped me to understand all types of people and their quirks.

Reading voraciously all the time has led me to understand the different parts of the World and their culture. My favorite writer of all times is P.G.Wodehouse, British humor at its best.

Music is another obsession with me (As a kid, I just had to listen to music even while I was studying). Poetry was a secret passion I pursued whilst in school which appealed to the sensitive, romantic & expressive side of me which led to me being conferred the title of ‘Poetess’ in my school.

One of the biggest turning point in my life has been my own metamorphosis from a shy introverted youngster to the confident independent woman I am today and I love mentoring others in their own journey towards self discovery.

From Yellow Pages and The Times of India, to my current field of Executive Search, I have discovered how to use the various talents I have picked up on the way. My innate sense of optimism and orderliness has helped me in my professional life along with a photographic memory to remember names and numbers. As a kid, I remember as sitting near a window of a car, bus or train, looking out of the window and memorizing the country side so that I could explore by myself without depending on others. Never say die is something I believe in and prove in countless ways to my colleagues, at Peyote Morgan, that when we say we can do it, we will do it and we have done it too. We have together overcome insurmountable odds and brought home the prize.